5 Best Casinos In Southern California

When traveling to California, take a breath of excitement before putting your foot on Golden State, the free-running game in Wild Wild West. Southern California offers different pleasures to people from all walks of life, and there is no color in this sun and they are all loved.

In Los Angeles and the surrounding cities, you can definitely find something that travels to Jules, whether you are an amusement park enthusiast or a connoisseur of the club.

– I got it.

I have some friends who like to gamble in casinos in California, so I asked them about the top 5 casinos you visit in Southern California.

Here is a list of the top 5 casinos for your 2017 trip

5. Hawaii Garden Casino

Located at 11871 Carson Street, Hawaii Gardens, California.

Hawaii Garden Casino recently launched a serious $ 90 million renovation and expansion project that opened earlier this year. 59,500 sq. Ft. The old casino has been redesigned with a modern, highly attractive 200,000 sq. Ft.

For serious poker players or even hobbyists who want to try to take advantage of their early fortunes, Garden Casino offers a full range of infinite games, starting at $ 20 and $ 40 infinitely in Holdem, from $ 500 – $ 1500. Currently, the casino also offers small daily tournaments and sometimes $ 100,000 and $ 150,000 are guaranteed for total prizes. Worth checking out.

For more information, please visit their gardens casino dot com website.

4. Bicycle Hotel and Casino

888 Bicycle Casino Dr located in Bell Gardens, CA 90201

The casino here is more amazing than you would expect, and if you especially love card games, this is where you want to be, only serious games are card games but different types of games.

Not a slot machine in sight

You get a free meal when you play at the table without limits for $ 100- $ 200. The food prices in this place are very good. The Korean BBQ here is amazing and the taste is very authentic. The casino has undergone noticeable changes as it has undergone recent interior upgrades. Overall a great place to get your poker face. Don’t forget to hit the drink from the brewery.

3. Trade Casino

Located at 6131 East Telegraph Rd, Commerce, CA 90040

The largest casino in the world is not in Las Vegas. It is in Los Angeles.

It is one of the best casinos in the Los Angeles area. Poker is not a bad place to get your experience at the table and get your education. Tasty meals are also available at Arena Grylls.

The tables without borders are:
$ 40 table – that’s it, not 40-80, 40-140, etc., only a maximum of $ 40 to buy. $ 60 maximum repurchase after a bust-out.
$ 100 table – just above $ 100, and a maximum of $ 150 for renewal after the bust.
$ 200 schedule – just above $ 200, maximum $ 300 for a post-bust subscription.
Table 300-500 dollars then go from there. The minimum betting round is $ 5 for Blackjack and $ 10 for bucks.

This casino is excellent for a night out with friends. Delicious food, excellent service and parking. Lots of tables to play, many different games, nice and welcoming merchants. There are other perks that make this joint very interesting but the thing is that if you want to play cards, you can’t do it wrong in trading.

2. San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino

Located at 777 San Manuel Blvd Highland, CA 92346

One of my personal favorites, just because of the huge memories of this place. The casino is located in Highland, California, a small town nearby San Bernardino, California 10 about 45 minutes east of Los Angeles.

This casino is always full of vitality, as it is busy on Friday and Saturday. Some of my friends work here and they are very welcome on every visit so I can say that San Manuel has friendly staff and there is no mention of payment. The last time I won here was $ 400 after I put a $ 100 bill in a hole while I was leaving.

Valet service is on its way to only $ 3. If you’re new to betting on slot machines, remember to place a minimum bet to avoid getting all your money fast and minimizing potential profits. If this is your first time here, you should sign up for a free player card as you spin the wheel, most likely you’ll get an extra $ 20 extra credit.

Good luck although the open slot machine you want. There is no cellular signal or reception for your phone at this location, but it offers free unconditional WiFi 24/7.

I enjoy coming to San Manuel, and if you are in the SoCal area, try it, you won’t regret it

1. Pankega Resort and Casino

Located at 45000 Pechanga Pkwy Temecula, California 92592

I just want to add a quick important fact:
Here are some Pokestops. So if you are looking for a Pokemon on Pokemon then you are in luck. It’s not like you’re playing these things or anything, wink.

I love how excellent it is when the atmosphere is when you enter our page and how friendly all the staff is, I feel as if this resort is a second home. When you are here you are a family. This is the impeccable casino ever. Why bother with Vegas when this hidden gem is close to home. Just about another 45 minutes from San Diego about 215 south of San Diego. The food here is excellent and there is a wonderful tree surrounded by magnificent waterfalls. If you do not gamble, check out a psychedelic spa and salon. Everyone is treated like VIPs here. Lots and Slot Machines. They have poker rooms, high quota slots, live theater shows, buffets, and food courts.

If you have a chance to check this out on your 2017 trip, make sure you do it and you’ll see what I’m talking about. If you are coming from Los Angeles, it is worth two hours by car (depending on traffic).

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